Schoology: managing your teacher tasks!

Being a teacher involves a lot more than just talking in class and correcting exams. In order to be the best teacher possible, one has to be well organized. This is why I decided to present a tool created to help teachers manage everything that comes with being a teacher. This great tool is called Schoology. Officially called a ”Learning Management System”, Schoology offers many possibilities to the teacher. Messaging, calendars, cloud service, recording and grading tool are just a few of the things that can be used on Schoology. It also offers the possibility of communicating with students.

The great thing about Schoology is that it’s free for teachers. There is a cost when schoolboards buy it, though. There was an article on almost 2 years ago about Schoology. The author suggested how Schoology can be a great tool for a school. According to him, Schoology could really help the way school are managed. One example:

”Also on the horizon: a workload analysis tool to help teachers view students’ upcoming assignments and avoid cramming tests and due dates on the same day as their colleagues.”

This would definitely bring school to another level and help the students at the same time!

This video explains how Schoology can help a teacher’s management :

Evidently, there are other types of platforms that can be used by teachers but Schoology is cleary interesting because it offers so much, all within the same tool. It is also very easy to use. If you need more proof that it is a great choice, the following link offer a blogger’s opinion about why Schoology is the best choice!