Transforming Your Classroom Into a Game Show!

In the last week of my practicum, I had the chance to observe my teacher do a revision about verbs with her students. Normally, this task should not be too interesting to students. However, it was. Why? Because she used Jeopardy Labs to create a template for a game that involved revising the verbs! I was surprised to see students participate so much in the revision. They were helping each other, high fiving each other and really wanted to win the game. I though this was a great way to teach since it involved a fun activity for the students.

Here’s how Jeopardy Labs works. When you go on their website (, you can choose to create your own jeopardy or to use one that’s already been made by someone else. Using the material you are supposed to cover in class, you can create questions related to it, with different categories and different number of points for different questions (just like the real game!). This website explains step by step how to create your jeopardy lab:

The steps are pretty easy to follow and with just a little time, you will have your own quiz adapted to your students and to your material! You can also take a look at the following video, if you need help creating your template:

I believe this is a great way to make a revision, before an exam or after some difficult notions have been explained. The teacher can easily see if the notions were understood correctly or not! Students will have fun while doing what they are supposed to do…it really is the best of both worlds! 

When I first saw how it worked, I imagined it would mostly be used for revision, however, by reading a blog called Techy Things Teachers Should Try, I found out about some other interesting things to do. For example, it could be used to test knowledge of your students, prior to the lesson. Your lesson could then be really adapted to their level. Students could also be the creators of the quiz, as a project on which they could be evaluated. You can take a look at the blog here:

Whatever the level of your students, creating a game such as jeopardy is sure to entertain them!


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