Tweeting in class? Why not!

My first blog article was dedicated to the use of Facebook in the classroom. I recently started to think about how other social medias could be used to teach. Personally, I prefer Twitter to Facebook for mostly one reason: I think it’s a better way to share articles, interesting facts and news than Facebook. This is why I decided to explore how Twitter could be used in a classroom.

The first article I read was on It allowed me to see a variety of ways how Twitter could be used in class. Whether it is for a teacher to keep his or her class informed of important dates, to find information about a particular topic, to live tweet an event or something else or simply to subscribe to interesting sources of information for students, Twitter will get students engaged in the task because it is via a media that will interest them. I recommend you take a look at the article, as it offers a wide variety of suggestions.

After I read this article, I came up with different ideas I could work with. For example, I could ask my students to watch a TV show and live tweet it their impression of it. I could ask them to find about some current event using hashtags and to repost the articles they liked most on their feed. I could have them tweeting with a classroom in an English speaking country (who are learning French for example). Also, I could ask them to tweet the answer to the questions I ask in class, as does this teacher:

Twitter can not only increase the class participation but it can also be used for assignments (such as live tweeting a show of their choice). Since keeping students interested while still learning what they are supposed to learn is every teacher’s challenge, I believe that bringing innovative ways such as this can really be a great thing!

I have mostly talked about how Twitter can be used with older students, but there are elementary grades teachers using Twitter with their students. One blogger who uses it mentions how they mostly tweet about what they are doing in class or the problems they solve in Mathematics for example. The teacher set up an account for her classroom and goes through all tweets but it seems to be a lot of fun for the children (

If you want to see how an elementary class Twitter looks, you can take a look at the following page:

These are only a few ways how Twitter can be used…the possibilities really are endless!


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