Teaching with the iPad

I have talked about an app that can be used for teaching English as a second language a few weeks back. However, this week, I will talk about the iPad as a whole and how wonderful it can be to have such an ally for an ESL teacher. 

There are probably a thousand ways teachers can use the iPad! Whether it is for their lesson preparations, grading or for the the students to use, I believe everyone will find something useful! There are countless applications for the iPad. Whatever the age of the students, you can find an application that will be not only useful in your classroom, but also interesting to them. For us, future teachers of English, we can find apps for grammar, sentence construction and many more! I recommend ”Kathy Schrock’s guide to everything” if you want to find great apps! 


One thing to remember is that the iPad in itself is not a classroom. It should be used as a support tool for teaching activities and not be overly used. Students and teachers give their opinion on the iPad on this very interesting video on interactioneducation.com:


For example, I am currently doing my first practicum and the teacher will use iPads with her students. They are filming a documentary and editing it with the iPad. Students are really excited about this activity and so is the teacher. Not only will her students learn English and practice it while filming, but they also greatly enjoy it. Isn’t this every teacher’s dream?

Of course, there are precautions to take when using the iPads with students. As we have seen in class, Mr. Miller mentioned how we have to make sure to block certain access to students (so iPads aren’t locked for example). He also mentioned how teachers need to make sure that their students use the iPad for the class’ purposes and listen to the teacher when they’re supposed to. However, I believe that with simple rules, using the iPad will be great! For those of you with doubts, I suggest you read this article on National Geographic on how the iPads can help students. Even if it’s not for scientific concepts, they certainly can help language learners, in other ways!


Finally, I recommend you take a look at Berkeley’s FAQ if you have any problems using you iPad in class (with your smart board, for example). 



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