How to use YouTube with students!

It is easy to forget that there are great things we can find on YouTube. The large amount of dogs and cats videos and other uninteresting videos of the sort can sometimes give a bad impression of YouTube. However, there are also some very interesting things that we can use to teach students!

I started looking into YouTube a few weeks ago. I give an initiation to English to kindergarten kids in an elementary school and I was looking for songs to play. For example, I found a great song to help them learn the days of the week and a funny video to help them with the weather vocabulary.

Then, I figured there must be other useful things YouTube can offer! Firstly, I recommend to take a look at the following video, as it offers basic information on how to find things on YouTube and how to manage the videos that you find useful for your classes or for other teachers:

Of course, YouTube can be used to show videos related to the material you’re teaching in class. It can help to use a video to demonstrate something (for example, a song with younger kids). Also, older students can use YouTube to research information for a project they are doing. Edudemic has an interesting article, ”The Teacher’s guide To Using YouTube In The Classroom”. They offer many ways it is helpful. For example, they suggest using it to make videos to help students revise their material before an exam. I hadn’t thought about that and I believe this could be very useful for students! (

Evidently, there are precautions to take when using YouTube in the classroom. For example, when giving students access to the website, we need to make sure they consult appropriate videos. I recommend reading ”Tips for Teachers Who Wish to Use YouTube in the Classroom”, as it will help with making sure it is used in an appropriate and efficient way! (

Since YouTube has many education channels, I am sure every teacher can find something helpful!


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